O+APP supports both IOS and Android system.

All you need is to install the O+ Smart system APP in your smart phone or tablet to easily control your home.

Managing Everything Through the E-BOX

AV Appliances Activated with One Scenario Button

When you want to watch a movie or sing Karaoke at home, don’t you feel that switching those appliances on is so complicated? With O+ Smart System, switching AV appliances becomes much easier. One scenario button can activated all those appliances, including TV, DVD player, TV box, stereo, amplifier, projector, screen, etc.

Combining All your Remote Controls into One O+ Control…

With O+IRF, the IR remote control commands of each AV appliance can be learned, and then be controlled. Even if these AV appliances are not necessarily smart, through learning, It can also become smart appliances.

O+ System can also integrate many communication interfaces in the wired system, e.g. RS232/485. With the All-In-One O+ Smart System, home appliances or relay controls having these interfaces can be integrated into the O+System.

O+ Smart System can integrate with O+ Wifi communication products

O+ Smart System can integrate with O+ Wifi communication products and sensors to further expand IR or RF controls , as well as control smart home automation with different environmental conditions. (ex: temperatures, sun light, humidity may all trigger programmed actions in your smart home.)


Scenario Control Life Style.

Smart home solution is all about Scenario control , where pre-programmed multi-functions may be triggered by pressing one button. Life is so much easier to manage with scenario control.

Common scenarios / scenario automation

Home mode

When you get home, softly activate the lights , air-con and music. Welcome home!

All Off mode

When leaving home, you don’t have to switch things off one by one. The All Off mode, helps you shut down all lights.

Theater mode

The projector is activated, the screen is lowered , lights are dimmed and the curtains are down . Enjoy a good movie !

Party mode

Music is played while the space atmosphere is adjusted with dimming of lights.

Scenario scheduling

At 8 AM, it can control the get-up lights and curtain. Every 3 PM, it lowers the curtains to block excessive sun light.

Smart garden

Automatically activate the sprinklers to water your garden . With the Enviro Sensor, if it rains, it will not water due to excessive humidity.

Night lighting

With motion sensor, at night during sleeping, if it detects someone passing the corridor, it will automatically turn on a small light.

Smart air-con

With the Enviro Sensor, at a specified period of time, if the temperature is over 28 degrees, it will automatically turn on the air-con.

Office applications